Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What you didn't realise

What men really think... 

We all know that makeup enhances the way we look, it is specifically designed to make you look better so we shouldn't believe that its not there for that reason. However the amount we use effects the way we look, just like when you paint a wall in your house if you use the wrong colours or you do a bad job its doesn't look its best. Makeup is a very similar principle if you use the wrong shades or colours for you skin you will end up highlighting the differences.

 Men will always judge a women instantly when meeting them, so its important for a women to look great on your first meet, looking your best is kept in reserve for when you want to blow his mind. If you go all out on the first date he's never going to be surprised further into the relationship. Plus its also means that if he isn't attracted to you looking great then you haven't wasted time making yourself look your best.

You have to remember that if things were to hit off, he is going to eventually see you without any makeup on so you cant get away from it. So make sure that if you are having a bad hair day or things aren't going right that you don't cancel that date because he's going to see it soon. Allowing a man to see you without make up on is quite a big deal, its showing to him that you feel comfortable around him and that you trust him.

Its a well know fact that women take longer to get ready than men, however there are exceptions to that when the man can take longer but that's rare. So make sure that you aren't focused on your appearance at all times for example when going swimming you can't cancel because you cant look your best, he wont like that. He wants a women that likes to look good but who can also let her hair down at the right times.

There is nothing worse to a man than finding makeup marks on his clothing after being with you. Men prefer women to have a more natural look focusing on accentuating the main features of the face and toning down the parts that aren't as important.
 A natural face is alot more attractive than a face full of slap, he is sure to find you more attractive if you show your natural beauty instead of trying to be something your not.

Just remember less is more....

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Give it a try

I wanted to help, advise and enlighten men and women that there are products out there that do things just as well and don't need to be layered on. Some products offer more than others and alot of people don't realise that some big brands aren't actually that expensive. We all want to find the best things for the cheapest prices but actually finding the best product for the actual job you want it for, not to mention that doesn't break the bank that can be hard, it takes testing these products to actually find if they are worth it.

 When you can find help on what to use that's best for you it can, not only improve the quality of your look but it can also save you money. Saving money and looking natural its doesn't get better than that does it? Less really is more, but by finding that perfect product its means that you haven't got to spend the time, effort and money buying products to see if they work. Most of the time they aren't right but we have to make do, frustrating right? Well by using tips and guides this is eliminated and you have that flawless look you have always wanted.

I will be looking for the latest information and the latest products to tell you about and all the professional tips new and old. I hope that i can benefit as many people as possible even if its just discovering a new product, i want to help.
 I know that at the moment the blog is very minimal but i hope to change that round asap so keep coming back to check the new updates.

 If you have any ideas or you wish to give your opinion or even a review on a product you have tried then get in touch with me at i would be more than happy to feature your review.

Many thanks.

Monday, 10 June 2013

First One!

Well its that time, the first blog post. Im new to this ands its taken some time before i decided to post one up but ive decided to keep it breif dont wanna sound too much like a weirdo and blabb on!
 I plan to edit things to make the blog more easy on the eye as its very basic at the moment!

 Lets hope things go to plan :D